• Integrated Midwives' Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Officers and Board of Trustees

Ms. Corazon L. Paras, R.M, BCHS

Ms. Paras believes that it can provide better health care services to women and babies of Bohol by creating private birthing clinics. She has founded seventeen (17) PhilHealth accredited Birthing clinics in Bohol. The birthing clinics framework is to provide safe, accessible and affordable health care services. A recipient of many awards, both local and international, Ms. Paras will continue to pursue sustainable training program for practicing midwives, encourage and inspire midwives to put up birthing clinics especially in the rural areas, and collaborate with both private and government organizations in strengthening the midwifery practice.

Ms. Sarah M. De Leon, RM, BCHS
1st Vice President

Serving the government for many years with love, dedication and passion. Currently Ms. De Leon is the supervising midwife in the Province of Cavite. She see to it that plight of midwives in her province is being heard. Always represents her profession on health matters. A dynamic leader by encouraging midwives to be a member of IMAP, Inc. as APO and to pursue higher learning or education.

Ms. Patricia M. Gomez, RM, BCHS
Chief Executive Officer

IMAP, Inc. torch is kept alive by the exemplary leadership of Ms. Gomez. Her quest for IMAP modernization, accountability, competitiveness, and sustainability are the hallmarks of her leadership. Her commitment to promote the professional welfare of its membership are highly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education, Professional Regulation Commission, and other IMAP stakeholders.

Ms. Julieta F. Gomez, BSBA, BSM
Corporate Secretary

A government midwife by practice, Ms. Gomez assists midwives with private clinic in the National Capital Region in observing and complying with policies and guidelines set forth by health regulatory agencies. Ms. Gomez has also worked closely with non-government organization particularly on provision of a continuing training program for the midwives on Reproductive Health Services, other midwifery skills.

Ms. Elizabeth F. Maniego, RM, BCHS
Assistant Secretary

Ms. Maniego is a midwife-supervisor based in Quezon City. She can help IMAP, Inc. in planning and in the design of strategies for the efficient running of government health care services rendered by midwives and can assist and help in monitoring IMAP programs in the Ntional Capital Region.

Ms. Fely S. Dela Cruz, RM, BCHS

Credit goes to Ms. Dela Cruz in representing the needs of hospital based Midwives especially in the National Capital Region. So called Private Duty Midwives, they remain to be strong, properly represented in the Association, and remains committed to the goals of IMAP. INC. Other than looking at the financial viability of the organization, Ms. Dela Cruz Will continue to assist in broadening the knowledge of midwives on midwifery services in the hospital care setting through pursuit of continuing professional development.

Ms. Maria Elena M. Sarip, RM, BCHS
Assistant Treasurer

A dynamic midwife leader of the Province of La Union and Region I. A public health worker started as Midwife II now the Midwife Supervisor as to her current position. In charge of the MCH and breastfeeding program of the whole province.

Ms. Dionica L. Saquilon, RM, MPA

Representing the voice of midwives in Cebu and of Region VII is a welcome role for Ms. Dionica Saquillon. Ever active and eager to undertake the responsibilities of assisting midwives, both private and government, in pursuing training programs, creation of birthing clinics, participation in many socio-civic oriented activities is the continuing commitment of Ms. Saquillon to IMAP members. Currently holds the position of Midwife VI of the DOH.

Ms. Nelia S. Sarona, RM, BCHS

As the regional leader in Mindanao, Ms. Sarona carries with her a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in capacity building of the Association. A government midwife in Davao, Ms. Sarona works well with the community health care team and non-government organization.

Ms. Cecila D. Enoc, RM, BCHS
Board Member

Based in Bacolod, Ms. Enoc is well-known as a community midwife. Her long years of service in the health center has earned her recognition among non-government organizations. It is a welcome development for Ms. Enoc to work with other midwives for improvements in quality of care and the expansion of programs to address aspects of women’s reproductive health.

Ms. Elvie U. Estrada, RM, BSN
Board Member

A government midwife practioner in Pangasinan also the immediate past president of IMAP in the province. Ms. Estrada freeh views on the Education and training of midwives who are graduates of nursing are important considerations in the design of professional continuing education program for Midwives who wants to pursue higher education in the health care program.

Ms. Adelaida P. Legurpa, RM, BCHS
Board Member

Midwives in the A.R.M.M and Region 12 (SOCKSARGEN) are properly represented by Ms. Legurpa. Her active works in this areas in the government and private setting enabled IMAP to implement development programs for midwives. She actively do whatever task is ask of her by the association. She is also the current Vice President of IMAP Mindanao-Sulu Confederation of Midwives.

Ms. Rosemarie L. Camacho, BSM
Board Member

Ms. Camacho aims to solidify and strengthen the capacity building of IMAP, Inc.in Rizal uptowns. She runs her private clinic in Antipolo City. The challenge to carry forward the mission and vision of IMAP, Inc. among midwives in Rizal uptowns is a welcome move for Ms. Camacho.

Ms. Elda M. Cordero
Board Member

Ms. Dionicia A. Reyes
Board Member